NEW solo zero mining pool now available at
ATTENTION! this pool will be going offline on Sun 11th for rework and updates, please switch to zero-solo or other pools in the mean time, any miners remaining here will be forwarded to our solo pool. join our discord for latest updates.
Mining4 ZERO
    High performance Dedicated servers based in the EU & US.

  • ZERO uses Equihash parameters N=192,K=7 and requires its own miner, Zcash miners will not work here!!

  • Nicehash equihash will not work for ZERO, please do not waste your time and money.

  • PPLNT payment system, Low fee 1%
  • minimum payments: 0.1 ZERO
  • Payouts run every 5 minutes

  • Get involved on our Mining4 Discord, Contact

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0 Miners
0.00 Sol/s
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0.00 Sol/s

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